166 Days My Journey Through The Darkness


Women in combat and PTSD are two of the most talked about issues with the military today, yet there has not been a strong female voice on these topics; until now. 166 Days: My Journey Through the Darkness is my personal account of my deployment to Afghanistan with the US Army Green Berets in 2008. As a Physician Assistant, I was attached to the team as the leader of what is known as a Female Treatment Team (FTT), which is comprised of one female medical provider and one female medic. Our duties while with the Green Berets were to provide medical care to the underserved women and children of Afghanistan, treat our soldiers’ injuries and illnesses, and gather important intelligence information from the patients we saw in the clinic.

166 Days

The story is captured in a journal I kept during my experience. My intent of keeping the journal was to have a way to share what I knew would be an important snapshot of my life with my future children. I had no idea when I wrote it that its purpose would become so much bigger. It has become a rare glimpse of the front lines from the unique female perspective, capturing some of the most beautiful, heartwarming moments as well as the most tragic moments of my life. It illustrates the brutal realities of war and how it can impact us all.

When I returned to the United States I struggled significantly with PTSD, which was easily the darkest period of my life.  During the worst of my condition, I realized I had a choice; I could let the deployment experience and the PTSD consume and become me or I could do everything in my power to overcome it and learn the lesson that was meant for me.

166 Days: My Journey Through the Darkness has become an important and unspoken voice for all of our service members in combat, especially women on the front lines, and anyone who has ever struggled to get past the aftermath of a traumatic event. Other than the names of the active duty Green Berets being changed, it is a true story of hope that leaves the reader inspired to reach within and find strength to overcome any adversity.

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9 thoughts on “166 Days My Journey Through The Darkness

  1. “166 Days: My Journey Through The Darkness,” captured my heart and attention as Jen detailed and reflected on many events in her life as well as her memories and deployment to Afghanistan. Jen skillfully expressed her thoughts and emotions as she traveled through a range of peaks and valleys or defining moments in her life. In, “166 Days: My Journey Through Darkness,” Jen depicted how an environment or situation can change and impact our very own thoughts, opinions viewpoints, and perceptions of the world we live in, in just a matter of days!

    ~Rod’s wife

  2. I have known this woman all of her life. Her heart and desire to help others is genuine.
    I hope those who read her words will find the hope and love that she wants for everyone to experience.

  3. I am in awe of your talent dear sister, and so very proud of you! I read your blogs weekly. Still thinking about Thanksgiving blog- personalized it for sure. Silence says a lot too eh? I just ordered your book (signed of course) and I share your website with everyone I can. I wish you and your family and loved ones the very best.
    Kindest Regards.

    • Thank you to Beverly for such an amazing review! You are so correct, we as women leaders have to lean in. Great message. Honored you read the book and even more so that it touched you the way that it did.

  4. Jenn,

    May God richly bless you for sharing your story and ministering to so many people! I have been a defense contractor for nearly 20 years and have heard lots and lots of stories, but none of them have drawn me in as yours did. I appreciate how open and honest you are about your entire journey — it was a real eye-opener and I was captivated from page one. I was fearful when you were fearful, angry when you were angry, heartbroken when you were heartbroken, and overjoyed when you came through the darkness and into the light with this calling on your life. I am so glad you allowed this experience draw you closer to God and to Greg!

    I pray “166 Days: My Journey Through the Darkness” makes it into the hands of those who need it and the healing will begin for those who need it.

    May God bless you, all who have served, and all who continue to serve and protect our country!