I’m BACK…to Center!

That’s right!! I’m BACK! And so very glad to be!!! I must say….Wow!! My blog typing fingers are feeling pretty rusty! I suppose I could blame that on the fact that I’ve been on quite the hiatus from blogging recently. I’ve had many people checking in with me on a regular basis, wondering when I would get back into the blog. I am so pleased to say I’m finally ready!

jenn back to blogging

I appreciate all your patience and words of encouragement as I, and my family, transitioned through a very difficult move. I posted a couple of times since my relocation, but I just couldn’t get into my zone to do it as I had before the move. I feel it only right to offer an explanation to my readers for why it was such a long absence. Here comes the brutally honest truth:

The pause was very Intentional.

What I realized is that our move to Texas was not only a change for our physical location, but also an opportunity to push the “Refresh” button for a lot of different aspects of my life. One of those aspects, has been this blog, and my dream of Back to Center.

When I originally started this blog almost two years ago, it was right after my book 166 Days was newly published. I was on fire with energy and motivation to grow Back to Center into something great. As awesome as it felt, there was one major problem….I wasn’t really clear on what that “something” was.

I found the more time went on, the more I lost focus on what it was I was really trying to accomplish. I began to feel the energy draining from my project, instead being replaced with frustration and distraction.

This scenario I personally went through, is something that can occur all too often in life. You may even be able to relate to this through some of your own experiences…

As I dealt with (more like denied) the frustrations, I would literally sit down in front of the computer to write, but something kept preventing me from typing. Then it finally sunk in to my thick skull that the reason I couldn’t write anything was because I wasn’t ready to!

Through much thought and prayer I realized what was happening. God was delivering a very tender “nudge” to help me see that I needed to be ok with taking a break. It was necessary to embrace the time I had for what I needed, and for what was needed of me. I needed to focus on what was most important. Life slowed down just enough to help me see the beautiful things right in front of me that I had missed in all the hustle and bustle before. I began to appreciate and cherish my role as a mother and wife in a much more meaningful and effective way than I ever had in the past.

I also began to take stock on what I was feeling about the blog; I needed a clear definition of what it was I was doing and why. What I needed was Clarity.

Unfortunately, as you may well know from your own experiences…clarity is not something that comes easily, or quickly for that matter.  Thankfully, although it took its sweet time, with many detours and stops along the way, clarity did in fact arrive into my purview!

All of that to say, I am so pleased to re-introduce you to something so very important to me…my blog. Back to Center, a weekly blog focused solely on telling stories that help inspire and motivate people to heal from the inside out. As many people know, healing is my passion, expressed through my profession as a Physician Assistant, and also through my gift of writing.

My goal with this blog is to share my own stories, the stories of people I meet, and even people I haven’t met, that give you a fresh, uplifting start to your week. My hope is that what you read here will arm you with the strength and courage to find the joy in your life no matter how challenging your circumstances may be. I welcome your love and feedback, and even more importantly, I welcome your stories.

In fact, I’ve created a new page called Share Your Inspiration on the site for you to communicate directly with me about your own moments of joy or perseverance in obstacles you’ve overcome, or if you’ve found someone else’s experience inspiring and feel it can help others. I want you to feel this is a place for those stories to be heard and even more importantly…shared!

I am beyond blessed to be doing something that fills my soul with purpose and I so look forward to sharing it with you. So!! Ladies and gentlemen…it is my honor to welcome you Back to Center!!!



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