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7678-Bold-Alumni-Fnl1Lately my content has revolved around the power of our influence. Recently I had an incredible opportunity to do an interview with two gentlemen who have built an entire podcast focused on the influence we have on each other when it comes to success.

Christopher Cumby and Allan Wich have a podcast called Think Bold Be Bold which provides unique and powerful insight into business and life success. They are both profoundly inspirational and I’m honored to have spent the time with them that I did.

In my interview we discussed my passion…Resilience. We talked about my book 166 Days and what I believe to be  the key aspects of how to apply resilience to your life.

Resilience is not just about overcoming something, but thriving because of it.  ~Toby Warren

Mr. Warren spoke these powerful words to me after hearing me speak several years ago, and they have stayed with me ever since. In my interview, I tell Chris and Allan how I have made resilience work for me despite some monumental adversity in life.

I am eager to share with you! I’ve attached the link to the podcast episode for you. It’s about 45 minutes long, and great for your commute or when you can plug your ear buds in and the noise of the world out!

My Think Bold Be Bold Podcast Interview

Enjoy! Next week I can’t wait to share another inspirational story!

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