The Story of Back to Center

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Our mission is focused on serving, inspiring and guiding people towards meaning and fulfillment in their lives. Back to Center  represents the story in each of us, and the amazing truth that we all have a choice. Life is filled with lessons God puts before us that are beyond our control, yet we get to choose how we handle the outcomes of those lessons.

My name is Jennifer Clark, founder of Back to Center Wellness Associates, LLC.  Back to Center came to be because of my deployment to Afghanistan, my struggles with overcoming post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and my realization we all have choices in life. I’ve made it my mission to help others struggling to navigate their way in life, by helping them find motivation and inspiration within through purpose and passion.


In 2008 I was deployed to one of the most violent firebases in Afghanistan with a team of US Army Green Berets.  As soon as I heard of the tasking, something inside told me it would be life-changing. As a result, I decided to keep a journal to capture a rare snapshot of my life for my family. Little did I know by keeping this journal, I would document moments that would serve an important purpose later.

The deployment was the most challenging experience of my life; testing all I thought I knew about myself.  I witnessed war in its most raw and brutal form. This exposed me to horrible realities produced by hate and immorality. Sadly, when I returned home I struggled with my transition into “normalcy.”

I felt I’d left my innocence and the person I thought I was in Afghanistan. I suffered from severe PTSD and hit rock bottom. However, despite my sadness, in the midst of my symptoms  I realized I had a choice. I could let the pain consume and become me or I could accept the experiences happened for a reason and get through it.

After a painful road to recovery, I began to see the higher purpose of everything that happened.  I began to share my story by speaking in the community and letting others read the journal.  Sharing such a fragile and very personal part of my life with people was scary, yet an important piece of me that needed to be told. I had no idea the impact the story would have on others until I started to get feedback from the talks and journal.

I grew determined to turn the journal into a book. It’s purpose was to be a voice for others who had gone through similar circumstances. In December 2013 166 Days My Journey Through the Darkness became a reality. While completing the manuscript, my husband Greg and I saw how through my own struggles I’d found my way back to who I was in my core before the deployment.

Then I began to look at my life as a whole, and realized a pattern. I’ve faced some incredible adversity in my life, yet I’ve continued to overcome.  As I came to these realizations, Back to Center began to materialize into a reality.  The book was catalyst to its beginning. The story of not only the deployment, but my life, is based on a single word…Resilience. Resilience, in the eyes of Back to Center, is defined as not only being able overcome many adversities but thriving because of them.

My vision of Back to Center is founded on this one word. I’ve identified multiple key concepts in my own life that have allowed me to succeed in happiness and life balance. I now want to share those concepts with others in all aspects of life.

Back to Center is in it’s infancy, yet eventually will grow into a large network of experts in the following key areas of life:

  • Resilience
  • Spiritual Health
  • Mental Wellness
  • Health


During all of this I’ve continued my role as a Physician Assistant. I am passionate about helping people, and being a PA is just one more way to do that.

At one point or another everyone faces adversities and may find them taking an unexpected detour off the healthy road of life. When we are able to accept and realize we have a choice in how we live, we can refocus and come back even stronger than before. Back to Center is able to pave a path of hope, inspiration, and accountability for everyone to get…back to their true center.